(Thanks again to the beautiful miss Shandi!)

(Thanks again to the beautiful miss Shandi!)

no braids

just hoofbeasttails

D —> I don’t believe this is what they meant by dancing, seadweller


only dancing noww

Thanks to http://meltingpotofghost.tumblr.com/ for the lovely image!

(we’re…heheh…sort of looking for new artists, by the way. My Eridan sort of left the blog.)

but seriously

im a seadwweller

i really dont mind it

(also, sorry for the hiatus. My other artist took a break and I had to work on answers myself. Expect a TON of uploads tonight and next week!)

D —> Some things are better left in the pits of our thinkpans, anon

this. this is a good idea right here. and that icon is the best icon in the world.

((Haha, thanks anon! We’re still under construction at the moment, but it’s good to already have a handful watchers! Love you fuckers <3))